24 Days to go . . .

File 14-6-17, 2 56 06 pm

With the wedding less than a month away, the event planning is in full swing! Meeting with our caterer, florist, chapel, venue etc . . . Printing and assembling booklets. (Thank you to my family for helping me with assembling over 60 ceremony booklets!)

Ticking things off my list left, right and center!

I was in Melbourne last week picking up a few very exciting items . . . Who can guess what they might be?!

File 14-6-17, 3 05 07 pm

File 14-6-17, 3 06 15 pm

If any of our guests have any questions on how to get to the ceremony or reception, please do not hesitate to give Max or I a call. I will be uploading a link in the next week or so, with directions, so keep an eye out!

Looking forward to seeing all our family and friends very soon!

You have mail!


File 11-4-17, 2 44 23 pm

Max and I have been a tad excited this week, as we have started to get some super awesome mail! The RSVP’s are flooding in and I have never been so excited to check the mailbox.

Seeing those little square envelopes definitely beats the usual assortment of junk-mail, flyers and bills!!

We are both looking forward to be seeing you all in less than 3 months!

Pack your winter woolies . . .

As our friends and family know, Max and I are not shy of the cold! Especially wintery snow covered locations . . . Mount Buller, Mount Stirling, Sweden, New Zealand, Paris and Norway to name a few favourite winter locations.

So, a winter wedding was always going to be on the cards!

Nearest and dearest, there is to be no strict dress code for our special day . . . Though we advise to dress warmly and as always for a cooler climate, and an onion, it’s all about the layers!Snow