A massive thank you to all our amazing family and friends for making our day absolutely perfect!

A special thank you to:

Our epic photographer Ryder Evans –

Dressmaker fashionista Amaline Vitale –

Amazing custom shoes by Janine Peck –

Foliage floristry queen Lisa Dennis –

Radtastic music The Baker Boys Band –

Hairdresser extraordinaire Andy Dolling –

Marvellous makeup artist Toni Maynes –

Unbelievably delicious catering by Mat and team –

Winter wonderland cake creation by Stacey Currie –

Choc cherry porter custom beer by Jeff Whyte –

Geelong Grammar School Timbertop Campus – Chapel

Mansfield Rudolf Steiner School – Melliodora Hall









Where? When?

Invites are sneaky little things and do tend to disappear from the front of the fridge, the “to do” paperwork pile and that special “safe place” . . .

For those of you making the trek to our special day, please see below for directions to the Ceremony and Reception.

Ceremony – 2:00pm sharp:

Reception – 5:30pm onwards:

Max and I are super-dooper excited to see you all and CAN NOT WAIT until Saturday!! WHOOOOO!


Don’t mention the WALL!

For our family and friends that have visited our new home over the past 8 months, you may remember the vast, towering 4 meter high red brick wall in our lounge room . . .

Well . . . Max and I, with the assistance of my Dad, Mum and Brother undertook the daunting task of painting it over the Queens Birthday long weekend. One coat took two days!! It is now up to me to finish the final coat and to say good riddance to the ugly red brick!

File 14-6-17, 3 18 05 pm

File 14-6-17, 3 18 56 pm

File 14-6-17, 3 19 44 pm

File 14-6-17, 3 20 29 pm

File 14-6-17, 3 21 09 pm

Light, Bright and “Snowy Mountain Half Matte” White!

One coat down, one to go!

24 Days to go . . .

File 14-6-17, 2 56 06 pm

With the wedding less than a month away, the event planning is in full swing! Meeting with our caterer, florist, chapel, venue etc . . . Printing and assembling booklets. (Thank you to my family for helping me with assembling over 60 ceremony booklets!)

Ticking things off my list left, right and center!

I was in Melbourne last week picking up a few very exciting items . . . Who can guess what they might be?!

File 14-6-17, 3 05 07 pm

File 14-6-17, 3 06 15 pm

If any of our guests have any questions on how to get to the ceremony or reception, please do not hesitate to give Max or I a call. I will be uploading a link in the next week or so, with directions, so keep an eye out!

Looking forward to seeing all our family and friends very soon!

A little bit of “House Warming!”

When Max and I purchased this, our first home, we did so knowing that the main source of heating was underfloor. Which has 30+ year old technology and would cost an absolute fortune to run!

We had been relying on a $20 Target (tarjaaay) electric heater, dragging it from room to room to keep ourselves warm! But….. We now have a fancy new split system air-con/heater in our lounge room! YAY! Warmth at the touch of a button!

See below for before and after photos of our lounge room transformation. Still a lot to do, but it is getting there!


Living Room



File 18-5-17, 11 40 01 am

Installation of the new split system!



File 18-5-17, 11 41 18 am

File 18-5-17, 11 43 34 am

File 18-5-17, 11 40 40 am

We have painted the brick white and will be painting the large expanse of brick to the left, white as well. The last of the brick painting!!!

Once the painting is finished and the flooring replaced, this room will be complete!

You have mail!


File 11-4-17, 2 44 23 pm

Max and I have been a tad excited this week, as we have started to get some super awesome mail! The RSVP’s are flooding in and I have never been so excited to check the mailbox.

Seeing those little square envelopes definitely beats the usual assortment of junk-mail, flyers and bills!!

We are both looking forward to be seeing you all in less than 3 months!

Pack your winter woolies . . .

As our friends and family know, Max and I are not shy of the cold! Especially wintery snow covered locations . . . Mount Buller, Mount Stirling, Sweden, New Zealand, Paris and Norway to name a few favourite winter locations.

So, a winter wedding was always going to be on the cards!

Nearest and dearest, there is to be no strict dress code for our special day . . . Though we advise to dress warmly and as always for a cooler climate, and an onion, it’s all about the layers!Snow