We are getting chickens!

So, I decided I wanted chooks.

Max was less than convinced until the thought of fresh eggs, whenever he wanted, swayed him into agreeing!

After agreeing we were getting chooks, I started designing a chicken house that I could build myself . . . My Christmas present from Mum and Dad was an assortment of timber for my new project! How your priorities change as you get older!

File 11-4-17, 4 00 26 pm

File 11-4-17, 4 01 22 pm

File 11-4-17, 4 13 23 pm

File 11-4-17, 4 12 19 pm

File 11-4-17, 4 14 55 pm

We rescued 4 x ISA Brown hens from a cage farm, and named them:

  • Kentucky
  • Peri
  • Nando
  • Ilona (Named, due to her mostly hanging out by herself away from the rest of the hens!) She is also super friendly and likes being held!

They are friendly, well behaved and we started getting eggs right away! Much to Max’s delight!

File 11-4-17, 4 18 50 pm


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